How to Get REAL Growth for Our Economy

The U.S. economy is experiencing its weakest growth rate in two years. Georgians, and Americans across the country, are feeling the pain. Many of our neighbors are unemployed or under-employed, or working but experiencing extended wage stagnation. President Obama claims that he is proud of where his administration has brought the economy  throughout his nearly two terms in office.

What we need is real economic growth. We can achieve that by:

  • reducing federal spending;
  • making a plan to balance the budget;
  • having a strategy for managing our national debt;
  • reforming the regulatory climate in Washington and
  • by revising the tax code

If we can get our fiscal house in order, remove the “regulations roadblocks” that slow business down and have a more competitive business tax climate (including bringing back to the U.S. the billions of dollars that companies have “sitting on the sidelines” overseas), we can have growth. Real growth.