Iran Cannot and Should Not be Trusted


Any deal with Iran is a bad idea. This point has been proven time and time again through various acts of aggression on Iran’s part. Despite said “deal,” Iran launches ballistic missiles and continues in its nuclear ambitions. 

Meanwhile, the White House is providing Iran with billions of dollars in sanction relief. This relief provides an unstable country the opportunity to continue promoting terrorism and endangering the U.S., our ally Israel and the rest of the world in the process — the exact opposite of what was intended.

The Obama Administration is now relying upon a promise made by Iran to not build nuclear bombs. Words mean nothing when our national security is involved. Words especially mean nothing to Iran. This is a risk that we simply cannot afford to take. 

It’s time that our country faces the reality that Iran cannot and should not be trusted

No deal is a good deal when Iran is involved. 


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