Growing the Economy is the Only Way to Create Jobs

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How to Get REAL Growth for Our Economy

The U.S. economy is experiencing its weakest growth rate in two years. Georgians, and Americans across the country, are feeling the pain. Many of our neighbors are unemployed or under-employed, or working but experiencing extended wage stagnation. President Obama claims that he is proud of where his administration has brought the economy  throughout his nearly two terms in office.

What we need is real economic growth. We can achieve that by:

  • reducing federal spending;
  • making a plan to balance the budget;
  • having a strategy for managing our national debt;
  • reforming the regulatory climate in Washington and
  • by revising the tax code

If we can get our fiscal house in order, remove the “regulations roadblocks” that slow business down and have a more competitive business tax climate (including bringing back to the U.S. the billions of dollars that companies have “sitting on the sidelines” overseas), we can have growth. Real growth.

New Sanctions for North Korea


North Korea cannot — and should not — be trusted. Despite multiple warnings from the international community, the country claims several ballistic missiles launches and nuclear bomb tests in the past few months. To make matters worse, both appear to be far from over.

President Obama admits that North Korea  is “erratic” with an “irresponsible” leader, so why is it that we are not imposing new sanctions on this country? 

We cannot afford to wait and see what possible destruction this country is capable of. North Korea may have failed in their past attempts, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t learn and improve their abilities. At a minimum, they will keep trying. 

We must be proactive in our dealings with North Korea, and we must act NOW. If precautions are not taken, our ally — South Korea — and our own territories stand to suffer. 


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Say Goodbye to Obamacare


Americans deserve better. Obamacare has proven time and time again that it is not the solution to our nation’s healthcare. You know the healthcare you need, and it’s not the government’s place to tell you otherwise. We need common sense alternatives that work for all Americans. Obamacare is well past it’s expiration date. Join me in fighting for it’s final repeal once and for all!


We Must Hold the IRS Accountable

The Internal Revenue Service should not have the power to unfairly target specific individuals or groups. That is why I sponsored a new piece of legislation – H.R. 4903 – which holds the IRS accountable and prevents them from infringing upon our First Amendment rights. The IRS must follow the foundation laid out by our Constitution, just as the rest of us are expected to do the same. 

My bill was unanimously passed by the House on Tuesday, April 19, 2016. This bill defunds IRS departments that are responsible for targeting political groups. I will never stop fighting to end the IRS’ abuse of power on the American people. 

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Support Our Veterans


Our veterans have risked their lives to ensure the safety of our families, our friends and our neighbors. This act of honor is not something that can be taken for granted or forgotten by any of us. We must provide our veterans with the resources that they require, today and everyday. These men and women deserve the best that we have to offer them and it our duty, as Americans, to make this possible. It’s our turn to give back. Stand with me if you agree. 

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