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Second Amendment

  The ‘Right to Bear Arms’ is one of the most fundamental and important rights in the Constitution and needs to be protected. As a lifelong member of the NRA, I cherish this right and will fight each and every day to protect and uphold the 2nd Amendment.    


  Washington does not have a revenue problem; it has a spending problem. The spending-addicted politicians in Washington are doing nothing to solve it. Upon being elected to Congress, I’ll immediately push for a Balanced Budget Amendment that will force Washington to tighten its belt and reign in wasteful spending.  


As the demand for energy grows greater, our resources remain stagnant. For too long, America has relied on other nations for its energy needs. Now, with instability in the Middle East and an increasing threat from rogue nations like Iran, the harnessing of American energy is more important than ever before. If elected to Congress,…[Read More]


Agriculture is the number one industry in Georgia and is vital to ensuring our country has a safe food source. I will fight to ensure that the Farm Bill brought before Congress is responsible and fair. As the son of a farmer, I will fight to ensure our farmers have a voice in Washington and…[Read More]

Defense & Homeland Security

America has the greatest military in world history and I believe we must do everything possible to make sure this continues. We must provide our troops with the necessary funding to do their jobs and protect the lives of our citizens and allies.


For too long, the federal government has employed a ‘one size fits all’ approach to education in America. I believe that decisions involving the education of our children should be made by parents and officials on the local level – not bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.. I will fight to restore as much local control as…[Read More]

Federal Regulations

The unnecessary regulations and bureaucratic red-tape coming out of Washington are stalling America’s economic progress and burdening businesses. The cost of complying with the hundreds of pages of regulation imposed on business owners runs well into the millions. We need to give our job-creators all the tools they need to grow while reducing the reach…[Read More]


In 2010, the Democrats in Congress rammed through Obamacare, hurting our senior citizens by slashing billions from Medicare, decreasing the quality of healthcare and, most disturbingly, putting Washington bureaucrats between patients and doctors. It’s the wrong approach to healthcare and it needs to be stopped. I’ll immediately join the fight to repeal Obamacare and push…[Read More]


Immigration is another example of Washington’s failure to solve the major problems facing our nation. For the last few decades, politicians have debated the problem of illegal immigrants, yet our borders remain vulnerable. We must immediately secure the border, enforce the laws we currently have on the books, and block any solution that includes amnesty…[Read More]


With near-record levels of unemployment and millions of Americans looking for work, the need for pro-growth policies is more important than ever. As a businessman, I’ve spent my entire career creating jobs and growing companies. While the politicians in Washington seem to think that government creates jobs, I know that the private sector creates jobs….[Read More]

Family Values

Traditional family values are the very foundation of our democracy and need to be protected. I am 100% pro-life and will fight for the rights of the unborn. I strongly support traditional marriage as a sacred union between a man and woman and will fight any efforts to redefine marriage at a federal level.

We stand with Israel!

150302_rick_stand_673 Israel is one of our most important and strongest allies in the Middle East.

I look forward to hearing Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to Congress and continuing to work with Israel on strengthening the relationship between our two countries.

Join me in standing with Israel!

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Georgians know what’s best for Georgia’s schools!


I think decisions about Georgia’s schools are best made right here in Georgia!

No ones knows what Georgia’s students need better than our local principals, teachers, and parents. It is time to get the federal government out of their way and let them teach.

We need to empower local schools to educate our children. Government bureaucrats in Washington D.C. don’t know what’s best for our children.

Sign if you want Georgia control for Georgia schools!

Still Fighting for Keystone XL!

150224_rick_fight_600 (1)
I am not giving up!

Keystone XL will create 42,000 jobs and put $2 billion dollars into the economy. It is worth fighting to build.

Join me in sending a message that we aren’t ready to give up the jobs and energy security that Keystone XL will provide.

The fight is not over yet!

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NO VETO on Keystone XL!


The Keystone XL pipeline is good for America!  It is estimated that it will  support  42,000 jobs in the construction phase and produce $2 billion dollars in earnings to stimulate the American economy.  The pipeline will also increase America’s energy security and decrease our foreign energy dependence. 

Join me in telling Obama to just so say NO TO THE VETO!

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Tell Obama To Get Out of The Way of American Jobs!


The President has stalled the Keystone XL for far too long, and it’s long past time he stop standing in the way of  good-paying jobs.

When the Keystone bill lands on Obama desk he needs to sign it into law. America’s economy depends on government not getting in the way of our job creators. Keystone XL is shovel ready project that will create jobs, strengthen America’s energy security and generate revenue to boost our economy.

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