I spent about 40 years building my construction company from the ground up in Augusta, Georgia.

I’m a conservative small businessman, I’ll bring my experience in job creation and principled leadership to Congress to combat the growing reach of the federal government into the lives of every American.

It is clear that Washington is broken. Job-killing policies and overregulation have plagued us for far too long, stifling American entrepreneurism. It is time to get Washington back on the path to a prosperous economy and I will fight to make that happen.

Small businesses, our nation’s job creators, are being taxed and regulated to death and are struggling to stay afloat. More Americans than ever are struggling with rising prices and high inflation. This is unacceptable.

We need to build on the foundation of our nation’s economy by loosening Washington’s grip and letting the free market do its job.

I know firsthand about creating jobs in spite of the obstacles put in place by the federal government. After I graduated from Auburn University’s School of Architecture and Fine Arts with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Building Construction, I founded R.W. Allen & Associates, a construction corporation with offices in Augusta and Athens.

I’m a devoted husband, father, and grandfather, and I’ve worked hard to serve my community and my church.

I hope you’ll give me the honor of letting me serve you in Congress, too.