“Georgia seniors have paid into Medicare and Social Security their entire lives. Congress has a duty to protect these programs that you have earned—not only for those who currently use the programs, but for near retirees and future generations. In Congress, I’m making sure we keep this promise to our seniors as well as future generations.” – Congressman Rick Allen

Many seniors are on fixed budgets and depend on Medicare and Social Security, so I’ve fought to reduce out of pocket expenses for seniors. Let me be clear: I’m fighting to protect Medicare and Social Security for our seniors.

  • Funding Social Security and Medicare
  • Protecting Medicare Advantage programs
  • Preserving these programs for future generations
  • Reducing cost of seniors’ health care and prescriptions

Preserving Social Security and Medicare
Funds that are reserved for Social Security and Medicare should not be used to fund other government programs. Congressman Rick Allen is making sure the federal government doesn’t use these funds as well as making sure these programs have steady funding so they are available for future generations.

Protecting the Medicare Advantage Program
Congressman Allen knows that Medicare Advantage plans are important for seniors and help them lower their health care costs. He is working with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to make sure the Medicare Advantage program can continue to exist with stable funding. Congressman Allen also supported a bill that will make sure seniors can keep their doctors and stop government bureaucrats from taking away their care. It’s just plain wrong for a panel of unelected bureaucrats that have zero transparency and zero accountability to limit access to your Medicare.

Lowering Cost of Health Care for Seniors
Congressman Allen is working to make sure health care and prescription drugs are affordable for seniors. In addition to continuing to fund Medicare, he is looking for other ways to cut government waste and out-of-control spending in order to pass the savings on to seniors.

Funding Health Care Solutions for Seniors
Congressman Allen co-sponsored the bipartisan 21st Century Cures Act, which provides funding to the National Institutes of Health for research to find cures for Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer, and diabetes. Congressman Allen also worked to pass the Reauthorization of the Older Americans Act, which provides assistance to states and area agencies on aging.